Raising Money using ThePoint.com
September 28th, 2008

When founder Andrew Mason created ThePoint.com he “wanted a way for people to aggregate their little bits of influence around the problems they share, build to a tipping point where their influence becomes a greater power than the force perpetuating their shared problem, and only then take action.”

ThePoint.com let’s users create a campaign to raise money using the “tipping point” method. Instead of donating, users pledge to donate money once conditions are met that are set by the person that creates the campaign. Once those conditions are met the pledges are met. This allows some results based fund raising among activists, employees and even parents!

Here are a few ways that The Point has been used:

* a group of people pledging to buy several copies of the 1st major magazine to put unretouched photos on the cover: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/show-our-beauty-a-challenge-to-womens-magazines
* People trying to build the safety in numbers necessary to make work a de facto holiday this election day and skip work: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/make-election-day-a-national-holiday
* Collecting a pool of money for the first developer to undertake a vertical farm in Manhattan (credit cards are collected, but not charged until the campaign tips): http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/vertical-farm-in-new-york-city

This is a fantastic way for communities to organize fund raising efforts, especially online where trust is hard to come by and sometimes broken.

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