Lecture Videos Run on Fast Forward
October 15th, 2008

A report in Wired Campus by Jeffrey R. Young says that Students Watch Lecture Videos in Fast Forward. He writes that:

Some professors report that when their students are reviewing class materials, the students speed up online recordings of lectures and zip through hour-long presentations in as little as 30 minutes. Sure, their professors sound like chipmunks. But the students say they can absorb the information faster than the professors deliver it.

The Wired Campus story includes comments from several educators who have observed the sped up lecture listening. To do the speed-up makes a lot of sense if it is not the first time a student is listening to a lecture — but that is doubtfully the case most of the time. Is there a bigger principle here? Would it increase efficiency for voice mail to be able to speed up the messages as you listen? Will talk in the smart mobby world become fast as well as cheap?

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