Why this Presidential election is historic
November 5th, 2008

The Presidential election held yesterday makes a new kind of history, as the tipping point away from dominance by old media. Not only has user generated content and the blogosphere emerged to often scoop the MSM, and to add competitive nuance, slant, and consensus. There is a root level change: news gathering and presentation in this election has swung to the smart mob era. For example, the Yahoo Political Dashboard gathers (mobs) information elections results in ways that makes both print and air media obsolete. Print media has no way to refresh itself every 5 minutes, much less “NOW.” Air media whizzes by in time — it is repeatable but not refreshable.

The internet will have more political history to make. I would predict that we will be have experimental online voting in 2012 and by 2016 our inalienable right to vote — which will have become genuine in many more parts of the world by then — will by exercised using our mobile device.

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