User generated dialog with the President-Elect
November 8th, 2008

Presidential candidate Barack Obama reached out to the smart mobs in new and effective ways that contributed significantly to his victory. It seems inevitable that the crowd will now be eager to direct its wisdom into his administration. Here is a pioneering project in that venue: BigDialog: Ask the President-Elect is a post-election method to keep the public participating in the governing by the new President. In a techPresident post — White House 2.0: The Public is Knocking on the Door — Micah Sifry sketches the project. Here are some basics for harnessing of this here comes everybody method:

[The projects] seek to crowd-source the process of putting pressing questions before the President-elect and identifying the top priorities of the public. . . .

The site builds on our experience during the primaries with and is designed to take video and text questions for the President-elect and then enable users to vote the best questions to the top. If we manage to get the President-elect to respond, users will then get the opportunity to rate his responsiveness.

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