Present Future: Firefighting 2.0
November 11th, 2008

Social-media has a tremendous potential in helping positively re-shape our societies. One clear sign of this potential is in the creative application of “Web 2.0” social media into the realm of public services, such as firefighting. Bryan Humphrey, a fireman of the of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is a champion of Web 2.0 within firefighting. Bryan is quoted in an WIRED article saying that:

“short of motorized fire apparatuses, this [Web 2.0] technology is the best thing that’s happened to our department in 122 years,” Humphrey says. “It holds more potential to save lives than any other civic tool.”

Take the time to read the WIRED article and reflect on how the efforts of people like Brian Humphrey are making a positive impact on our public services, ultimately creating “civic tools” which benefit humanity. Exciting times we are living in!

WIRED: LAFD’s One-Man Geek Squad Brings Web 2.0 to Firefighting

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