Slightly pixelated grandparents
November 27th, 2008

The Gray Lady wrote it, I am not telling anyone their grandparents are “pixelated.” But the New York Times speculates in an article today that a generation of toddlers may be getting that impression of Grandma and Grandpa because of the Web communication they are doing. The NYT story “Grandma’s on the Computer Screen” includes this excerpt:

. . . In a way that even e-mailed photos never could, the Web cam promises to transcend both distance and the inability of toddlers to hold up their end of a phone conversation.

Some grandparent enthusiasts say this latest form of virtual communication makes the actual separation harder. Others are so sustained by Web cam visits with services like Skype and iChat that they visit less in person. And no one quite knows what it means to a generation of 2-year-olds to have slightly pixelated versions of their grandparents as regular fixtures in their lives. . . .

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