Buckley correctly predicted projection phones
December 10th, 2008

Russell Buckley over at MobHappy is at work on his predictions for 2009. My favorite last year was his prediction that projection phones would become available — and he was right. The small screen limitations of mobile phones is suddenly solved when you can point your phone at a blank wall and project the screen image there. Russell provides a link to such a mobile that you can already buy — from the China Tri Band Cell Phones page, where there is a video showing off the projector phone and descriptions:

Incredible new gadget: Cell Phone with Projection Function. This has to be seen to be believed – watch the video above. It is a normal fully functional multimedia mobile phone with projector built-in so you can shine your pictures, videos, address book, phone number, or anything you like on a wall – this cellphone gadget really has the wow factor!

Three band (tri band) multimedia cellphone with bright projector, interactive touchscreen, WAP, bluetooth, and big 1800mAh battery for extra long talk time and phone usage between charges. The tri-band technology and open SIM card slot in this mobile phone will keep you “unlocked” from any particular phone company and works on the network frequencies used by more than 100 countries worldwide. What makes the CVSL-112 even more unique is the projector feature. Simply switch on the external display option and project your movies or data on a wall. Perfect for fun or for meetings.

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