My First Follow
December 27th, 2008

DCortesi wrote up on Christmas day ‘08 ‘My First Follow’ a little tool that shows you who your first follow was on Twitter. Already this little creation is spread among twitterers like wildfire.

Damon Cortesi aka @dacort who earlier created TweetStats and DMDeleter instructs:

There are a couple notes:

You must be logged in to Twitter
It will only show who your first follow was if you are still following them”

The first person I followed on my gervis account was @missrogue. This fact made me aware that Tara Hunt & Chris Messina were the influential ‘pushers’ 🙂 inspiring me in February/March 2007 to start twittering. Actually I shared this via GoogleTalk with Bernie DeKoven who acted upon that and set up an account one day before I did.

Howard @hrheingold‘s first follow (that he still follows) was this PhD student Sarita @Yardi

Damon’s tool triggered me to check out what publications initially informed me about Twitter’s potential. The result of that check I twittered on gervis today.

If you find the issue of following and followers interesting also read Judy Rey Wasserman’s blog post ‘Is it better to follow or being followed on Twitter?’

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