Extraordinary mobile volunteering
January 6th, 2009

One of the biggest challenges for not for profits, non-governmental groups and other volunteer run organisations isn’t funding, but time. Namely, your time.

While many NGOs have harnessed the power of social and participatory media to solve old problems, many others still lack access to the critical expertise and knowledge needed to move forward. In the past, those who might offer this expertise are often too busy to volunteer their time for on-site commitments. Thanks to mobile communications and some innovative thinking, a solution is now a phone call away.

Meet the Extraordinaries

The Extraordinaries turns your spare time into social good by “delivering volunteer opportunities, on-demand, to mobile phones, which can be performed on mobile phones in 20 minutes or less.”

Extraordinaries founders Jacob Colker and Ben Rigby came up with the idea to match busy people with volunteer micro-commitments wherever and whenever they may be accessed by mobile technologies.

“In essence, The Extraordinaries reduces the cost of information transfer. It allows a person with high expertise to transfer information to someone or some organization in need of that expertise at little or no cost.”

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