Farewell, Roland Piquepaille, 62, Smart Mobs blogger
January 9th, 2009

I met Roland in Paris a few years ago, and he blogged for us every Sunday. I just learned of his passing. Rest in peace, Roland. Many of us appreciated what you did.

Roland passed away Monday in Paris. He was hit with a digestive virus that lead to a high fever and health complications beyond that.

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1 - Westin

I read his trends posts. He was extraordinarily insightful. His energy will be missed.

2 - Emily Turrettini

I’m so sorry.

I am sad to learn this. I will miss his weekly posts.

4 - Nicola

I’m so sorry too, I loved reading the Sunday trends.

5 - Simon

This is very sad news. One of the most interesting and insightful tech analysts.

6 - Eoin Dubsky

Rest in peace Roland.

As a french, i has had the chance to meet Roland via Smartmobs (with i have collaborated for a few years ago). Roland was an incredible human being and blogger too and not only he wrote his sunday post at Smartmobs but a lot of articles also for smartmobs.com. RIP.

8 - Sam Rose

So long Roland, you will be missed.

It is amazing how one person can stir so many souls. Roland, you will be missed by all, but we will keep your memory alive!

Roland, I’ve always fallen behind and skipped other Smart Mobs posters, but I *always* made it to your posts. Thank you! Rest in peace.

11 - Gerrit

My condolances to the family and to all of us. Roland was one of the most knowledgeable trendspotters I have seen. We all will miss him.

12 - Rayne

Oh what a loss. I feel bad, had assumed that Roland was merely out of pocket or that with the new year he was going to do his posts differently.

Really enjoyed his work and will miss his contributions greatly. My sincere condolences to his family and to SmartMobs’ team.

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