Feature: From me to WE, An Interview with Judy Breck
January 9th, 2009

Resident SmartMobs blogger Judy Breck recently shared the following in an interview with we_magazine:

“everything begins with the smallest unit, the individual. Like microlearning: ideas, meaning, and appropriate political action networks emerge as the patterning of micro nodes. Individual sovereignty is totally unaffected by your color, the slant of your eyes, or who is your daddy. The mobile computer can deliver what is known by humankind to each human node — each micro unit. The mobile device, unlike many school and social settings and networks, does not know or care about your color, eyes, or who is your daddy.”

Judy Breck has long advocated the infusion of knowledge networking into education. The following video interview with we_magazine captures the core of what she has been trying to explain for 10+ years in her journey to help inform us on the potentialities and promises of technologies in relation to education and learning.

we_magazine Interview with Judy Breck

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