mobile vision technology
January 14th, 2009

via ReadWriteWeb

A new mobile mapping system called MOBVIS takes image recognition to new places, allowing users to identify urban landscapes with a camera phone using an innovative picture-matching algorithm:

This project goes beyond today’s mapping applications like Google’s Street View, for example, which first identifies your location either via GPS or triangulation and then shows you pictures of that area. Instead, MOBVIS actually lets you “see” the world through your mobile phone. This is computer vision, or rather, mobile vision.

The MOBVIS system begins with a pre-populated database of geo-referenced panoramas (such as Google’s Street View, perhaps). The objects in the images are then manually annotated with information. Once that’s complete, the system is ready for search queries from mobile users. After a user takes a picture, MOBVIS compares the photo to the photos in its database and returns the relevant links.

Read more about how this technology works in ReadWriteWeb’s article, “Hyperlinking the Real World.”

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