2009 Horizon Report: Mobile tech is key for education
January 24th, 2009

It’s no secret that today’s wired learners have better technology in their back pockets than they’re offered at school. It’s also clear that students are much more inclined to engage these devices than take in the sage-on-the-stage teaching models of yesteryear.

So why aren’t we making use of the technologies our students actually enjoy and use?

The answers to this and other future ed tech questions are found in the 2009 Horizon Report, which identifies personal web technologies from mobile and GPS to cloud computing as the defining trends in emergent educational technology. The findings of the Horizon Report are not only good news for educational early adopters but also serve to help institutions better identify meaningful priorities and better negotiate the sometimes dizzying information prospects available online. From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

“Though the Internet has proved to be a helpful resource for many students and professors, the sheer volume of its content can make finding relevant information a tedious chore at times. According to the report, the personal Web—i.e., widgets and services that help connect individual users to the Web-based information relevant to them—will allow students, professors, and administrators to use the Web more efficiently.”

Further reading: 2009 Horizon Report

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