Exploring the geo-web: outside.in’s Radar for iPhone
February 3rd, 2009

Steven Johnson announced last week on BoingBoing the release of outside.in‘s new iPhone app, Radar, which delivers location-based content such as news, blogs posts, and discussion threads relevant to where you are. The goal of Radar is to make information about urban space more immediately visible and accessible to people moving through that space, combining outside.in’s aggregation of location-based content with the mobility of the iPhone:

But one of the things that’s become clear to us is that question–what’s happening around me right now–is even more compelling and fascinating when you’re asking it via a mobile device standing on a street corner. And so I’m just incredibly excited about the application we’ve just released for the iPhone, Outside.in Radar. You load it up, let it geo-locate you, and then you’ll see all the blog posts, news stories, Tweets, and discussion threads that involve places within 1,000 feet of where you’re standing. If one of those places sounds interesting, you can go check out a dedicated place that shows you all the stories we’ve tracked that are associated with that place.

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