Skeptic documentarian discovers GodTube
February 5th, 2009

Another blog post by one of my students in this year’s Digital Journalism class at Stanford: “How Christian media almost saved a wretch like me”. This one is a recommendation by a documentary video maker and — his blog beat for my class — a critic of documentary video. One of the best things a critic can do is what good bloggers do — serve as an intelligent filter who helps find the value in the tsunami of crap that . A good critic directs attention to works that might not have received a second look otherwise. In this case, a documentary about a father and a son on the Christian website formerly known as GodTube.

GodTube is not my public, and I am not theirs. What transpired when I watched this video on GodTube was that, for a moment, the lines that demarcated our respective publics were a little less rigid. I was not converted to Christianity, but I was converted to the idea that little gems exist in places where you might not expect to find them. Check it out. I challenge you not to be moved.

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