Text crazed teenagers
February 22nd, 2009

Today’s Washington Post article on teenage texting can be seen as a catalog of doubts raised about the effects of what has become a dominant activity for that age group. Almost all the speculation is at least suspicious, if not down right negative. On the second page online, there are two short paragraphs that are positive. Professor Al Filreis of the University of Pennsylvania say student writing has improved noting, “In writing, quantity tends to lead to quality,” he said, “and we’re doing quantity right now.”

The article has a lot of interesting facts and opinions. Personally, though, I think a large part of the suspicion of what teenagers are doing is pretty much routine for every generation to experience. We must be careful not to dismiss the texting as a kid craze, when it may very well be a useful new form of human communication that they are giving a typical teenish hyper tryout.

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1 - Anna

Texting has already extended beyond being a “kid craze”, especially – from what I have seen – in tech-oriented business people and professors. With twitter, people text from their cell phones constantly to update their status. Hundreds of companies have twitter accounts that they use to connect with the public.

2 - Chris

I just had pointed out to me last week that, besides being able to text in class, another large advantage of texting that the kids like is the ability to carry on several conversations at the same time. Low bandwidth rocks ?!?!?

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