Futures in play in economic crisis
February 25th, 2009

Below are two quotations from a post today at Wired Campus by Lev Gonick, CIO of Case Western Reserve University. His theme is change in education that will be forced by the economic crisis.

“One area where I predict fundamental change is the impact of open educational resources on the textbook market. Traditional textbook publishers have held an iron lock on the industry’s model for too long, and universities have been tacitly complicit of the system. In the Web era, however, this oligopolistic business practice is imploding. . . .

“It’s actually not only the future of the university that is in play. How we produce, organize, and distribute open education resources is at the heart of the future of education around the world.

Education is an example of many sectors where the rethinking of the moment may well result in moving us into the smart mob era.

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