Mining Landfills?
February 25th, 2009

This is not very smart-mobby, but it is the work of one of my students in the Stanford Digital Journalism class, and I think it’s worth spreading the word about Mining Our Landfills:

Behold the future of our garbage: Landfill mining. Yesterday I spoke to David Assmann, deputy director for San Francisco Environment and he said the future of our landfills lies in garbage mining–re-opening closed landfills and using cranes and bulldozers to extract valuable metals that may be buried beneath the surface. It’s such an interesting idea and sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi novel. It hasn’t happened yet but Assmann said it’s a likely scenario in fifty years after many of our current landfills are full and when most cities are able to recycle the majority of their waste. In fact Reuters has already written about countries considering this possibility in “Could $100 Oil Turn Dumps into Plastic Mines?

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