Sockeye salmon mob visualizations
March 6th, 2009


Information Aesthetics presents a post on the State of the Pacific Salmon: Tracking the Biodiversity of the Sockeye. Including the sampling of the visualizations, the post comments that:

Somehow, some of the people and organizations concerned with monitoring and protecting the salmon in the North Pacific region also seem to have a very good taste for online data visualization. . . .

Recently, another sophisticated and nicely designed State of the Salmon [] website was created, consisting of 4 different visual applications: an interactive “Hydrography” map, a dynamic network cluster view, a rich historical data view plot, and a sparkline-rich simple list view. All these graphs focus on providing more information on the loss of biodiversity of one species: the Sockeye Salmon. In recent history, the global population of sockeye consisted of 80 subpopulations. They report that a total of 17 of these are currently threatened with extinction. Data for assessement are lacking for 26 subpopulations. 5 subpopulations are already extinct.

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