“The Web is going to win”
March 23rd, 2009

That comment by Igor Faletski, Mobify.me founder/CEO, captured a main meme of ThinkMobile conference in New York last week. The event met its promised goal:

This first of its kind event will engage attendees with best-in-class monetization models and case studies. Leading analysts, keynotes and speakers will converge here, sharing strategies and tips on what’s next in mobile and how you should spend your money – and how much.

Hey, just the fun of hearing the puns around iFart app producer Joel Comm’s presentation made the event memorable. But serious understanding of the mobile emergence was offered in every session. Some highlights from my notes:

TV everywhere: “Can’t put it back in the bottle.” – there are now 4 episodes of CSI on the iPhone for free.
Our 3 screen advance: 1) TV, 2) desk, 3) mobile.
Mobile fits into our lives to: save time; kill time.
A statistic: 38% have interrupted sex to respond to a cellphone.
By 2020 the mobile will be the primary internet device. [I think sooner.]
It’s all about content: one brand voice.
Emerging dominance of services that operate at a multi platform level.
How to become and remain findable and usable is a bottom line.
Local/always with you; social/built-in sharing; immediate/always on.

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