YOUROWNDEMOCRACY.ORG — “Democracy’s Online Feedback Loop”
March 26th, 2009

Very interesting proposal for a technology that could enhance citizenship: YOUROWNDEMOCRACY.ORG: Democracy’s Online Feedback Loop

Today’s technology allows for innovative online collaboration, networking, transactional, and information visualization. Integrated together in a coherent set of solutions for the citizens of democracy, it is now possible to conceive of a single-platform which is an independent non-partisan party whose sole mandate is to harness the power of these technologies into an accessible framework that will allow citizens the ability to stay informed about complex issues and to register their votes in favor or in opposition to processes in government. Transparency will lead to a stronger, more active and informed citizenry and more accountable government.

The humble hope and ambition of this system is to give the citizens of a democracy a robust platform to become more educated and informed about our representative government and to be able to influence the machine of government in positive ways. The end game is simple: By interacting with this system over time, a user will automatically become orders of magnitude more engaged with issues of society than before she had been before becoming a user. On Monday, it was a normal day in Sally’s life. Then she signed up on Tuesday. By Friday, Sally connected with 100+ people who shared her concerns about an issue, knows their names and their passions, voted on 10 active bills, made her concerns known, finally got a sense of what what happening in her very city and community, and began building a “Citizen Point Balance” which is the only known quantified measure of citizen engagement in the world. In one week, the way she became more informed and active in democracy grew a hundredfold. Now, multiply this single-person phenomenon times 100 million registered voters. Wow.

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