Smart changes for education stuck in wet cement
March 27th, 2009

It is great to see digital methods for teaching in schools commented on in the MSM. An article in the New York Daily News this week is a call to action for using digital games in teaching and learning:

The financial crisis’ hammerlock on our country has forced Americans to swallow a bitter reality: Our future as the world’s innovation leader depends on the nation’s ability to take bold steps to change how we prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, our education system is stuck in wet cement. In recent years, while countries like China, the U.K. and India have raced ahead in embracing the digital age, the U.S. has fallen behind in promoting the mastery of interactive tools that promote literacy; science and technology, and creativity.

We can take the lead again – by putting video games (yes, video games) in far more classrooms. We need to let go of the “old school” belief that devices like the Wii, Xbox, DS and iPhone are mindless distractions from education. Research has shown that interactive game play is among the most powerful drivers for learning the skills children need for 21st century success. . . .

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