Howard’s Dream Office
April 1st, 2009

An audiovisual inspection of the way I’ve reworked the boundaries between work, plan, mind, art, office, studio. Costarring Garuda, Barong, Ganesh, Gumby, my mother, gnomes, painted shoes, painted spiderwebs, books, computer screens, chthonic spirits. Pixels, plywood, alabaster, acrylic. †

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1 - Gene

I love how the Garuda sculpture changes colors so dramatically in different shots…

Hi Howard, thanks for kindly giving us a virtual tour of your studio, though I was lucky enough to have a look at it myself. I opened my English language blog recently. It is called Planet Size Brain and I plan to profile the latest development in Korean tech sector here and also put some musing on the memosphere. Please visit my blog when you find some time to find out what ‘controlled serendipity’ is..

jean min

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