Is Twitter promoting Digital Feudalism?
April 18th, 2009

TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher conducted a short video interview at Next Web 2009 in Amsterdam with entrepreneur and author Andrew Keen. Keen predicts the end of Web 2.0 and the dawn of a new age of individualism, driven primarily by Twitter.

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Keen believes traditional media dies with Web 2.0 and although technology enables self expression, is “not a viable media economy.”

But, ironically perhaps for some observers, @ajKeen is now a fully-fledged fan of Twitter. Read on his blogpost at Internet Evolution why Keen is on Twitter and notice the tweet that his “digital feudalism/fascism” ideas might even become the heart of a next book.

Moderator and Next Web conference organizer Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten asked Andrew Keen to address the following question: Why do you love the web?

At Next Web Keen called Twitter the “nail in the coffin of Web 2.0″. He said it’s “the future of individual media in the age of the individual… a future when individuals become brands. People with skills are able to sell their skills on the network. I call this real time social media.”

But this is also “intimidating and scary” to him. It is “Darwin and Marx at the same time.” He thinks Twitter is “Feudal” in that those with large numbers of followers behave like barons of old, picking those they favour at random.

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