Toddler techniques for iPhones
April 24th, 2009


This week I spoke on the “Mobile Long Tail of Learning” at the Design4Mobile conference produced by Little Springs Design in Lawrence, Kansas. Because the event is the first and only North American mobile user experience conference, everybody there is uber-interested in every move, touch, swipe, and blink anyone makes toward a mobile device.

To illustrate the beginning of my talk, I was very happy to get the above picture of my grand-nephew Owen, age 20 months, swiping his mother’s iPhone. Both parents have iPhones and Owen plays app games on the devices. In sending the picture, his father wrote to me: “BTW, Owen is really using the phone. He knows how to change from his colors and shapes games to his basketball game. Resetting each when they finish. We taught him none of this.”

During one of the conference speeches I learned of more iPhone UI (user interface) related toddler behavior. A speaker (undoubtedly from an iPhone-rich home) mentioned that his two-year-old daughter tries to change the TV channel by swiping the screen with her arm. When I reported what the little girl did in an email to Owen’s parents, his mother wrote back: “Oh and to complement the story of the 2 yr old trying to change channels with iphone–for the longest time Owen talked on our tv remote. ;)”

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