Everyblock available through iPhone app store
April 29th, 2009

Everyblock, “a news feed for your block,” pioneered the mashup of municipal public information and maps, part of the beginning of what is starting to be known as “computational journalism.” EveryBlock is now available as an iPhone app.

The EveryBlock iPhone app lets you explore news that’s happened recently in your immediate area.

We publish dozens of different categories of local news, drawing from hundreds of sources. Much of it is updated every single day. Examples of the information we publish:

* Business licenses (new businesses in your neighborhood)
* Crime
* Fire alerts
* Foreclosures
* Local deals / coupons
* Locations in the media (places in your neighborhood that have been mentioned in the news and in blogs)
* Real estate listings
* Restaurant inspection results

Depending on which city you’re in, some things you can do with this app are:

* Get recent health inspection reports for restaurants nearby
* See which crimes have been reported on the street you’re walking down
* Find out what places in your neighborhood have been covered in the news
* Get a sense for property values in your area

Note that information availability depends on the city. Browse around our Web site to see which information is available in your city.

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