Pew Internet says Steal Our Slideshows
April 29th, 2009

In an email today, Pew Internet Project gives the details of how to read, or grab and use or send, their informational slideshows. The video slideshows are packed with smart mobby facts and figures. The email invitation from Pew Internet says:

This past week, several Pew Internet Project experts presented our data at various conferences, including the Interagency Resources Management Conference, the Health 2.0 Conference, and the State of the Mobile Net Conference.

Did you know that our slideshows are available to view, download, embed and share right from our site? . . . You can view slideshows on our site without downloading them. Or, you can download them to view later. . . .

You can also embed a slideshow in your blog, in your social networking profile, or on your website. . . . You can share a slideshow via email or instant message.

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