One Laptop Per Child (mostly good) news
May 2nd, 2009


The above picture shows children in Uruguay with OLPCs in an article dated April 30th in RisingVoices titled Uruguay: One Blog Per Child. The article gives an overview of OLPC’s sometimes troubled effort to provide the world’s children with internet-connected laptops.

A news report of the same date in has this headline: India Dumps $10 Laptop, Orders 2,50,000 OLPCs. Again, some of the report is against the background of some rough patches for OLPC, but this report may indicate that the OPLC vision is doable. From the EFYtimes report:

Last year, the entire tech world eagerly waited for the launch of the $10 laptop designed by students of Vellore Institute of Technology, scientists in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IIT-Madras, UGC and MHRD, but it turned out to be a joke. The $10 laptop ‘prototype’ with two GB RAM wasn’t a laptop at all but a computing device along with a hard disk with e-books, e-journals and relevant educative material through the ‘Sakshat’ portal.

Post this episode, India might have realised that it is not possible to make a laptop at that cost and chose to embrace OLPC instead. OLPC’s XO laptops will be purchased for the students across the country. Nearly 1,500 Indian schools will get the latest batch of 2,50,000 OLPC XO laptops, according to some media reports.

Via Wired Campus

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