SmartMobs is now Mobified
May 18th, 2009

When you open in your mobile, the version of the blog you see and interact with has been optimized for mobile by Thanks and kudos to Igor Faletski and the Mobify team for designating as a Mobify Galley featured website, where the process is described:

Same Site, Now Mobile
Mobify is a service for creating mobile views – streamlined versions of existing websites, optimized for mobile access. Mobile views can be up to a hundred times faster while being adapted for over four thousand devices.

Proponents of mobile learning, as I am, value the Mobify process as a key step toward One Web. The same content used for stationary and laptop webpages is enhanced for use on mobiles. The creation of content and SEO are harnessed on the smaller screens that virtually all students across the planet will have in their pockets within a handful of years.

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