Making mobs of Red Ruffed Lemurs
June 9th, 2009

ZooBorns reports today that humans are not the only primates who are finding prime mates through internet connectivity. Happy Hollow bachelor Achelous, age 26, met the fair Meva, a 9-year-old from Micke Grove Zoo through the SSP computer dating system. The result was the quadruplets in the above photo who were born on May 17th.

ZooBorns explains:

The Ruffed lemur SSP, consisting of fifty-two zoos, representing 166 individual animals, maintains genetic records of the Ruffed lemur in captivity throughout North America and makes recommendations to Zoos regarding breeding. Red Ruffed lemurs are listed as endangered, due to habitat loss, hunting, and the pet trade as primary threats. The exact status of the animals in the wild is not fully known. Participation in the Ruffed lemur SSP gives zoos a direct impact on the status of an endangered species.

“The SSP is the computer dating plan for Ruffed lemurs,” says Valerie Riegel, Zoo Curator, “After holding a bachelor group of Ruffed lemurs for almost twenty years, we were excited about the SSP breeding recommendation to provide the boys with the opportunity to meet a female for the first time – and are pleased to have the results of this significant pairing more than double the population of Red Ruffed lemurs here at the Zoo!”

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