Iran blog feed from niacINsight
June 15th, 2009

The blog for Beltway Insights for the Iranian-American community niacINsight is carrying in a feed of Live-blogging of the unrest, day two. The feed includes a video at 5:19 accompanied by this explanation:

I just talked to my relatives in Tehran. The atmosphere is just like in 1978-79. Sporadic demonstrations continue throughout the city with tires and other objects burning in the streets to dissipate the tear gas. People have left their houses’ doors unlocked for demonstrators to have a safe haven to escape when the riot police attacks them. The solidarity and unity of the people is amazing. Luckily, Mousavi and Karoobi have both asked people to continue their peaceful opposition to the massive rigging of their votes. The regime has made a strategic mistake as it appears that people this time are not going to relent.

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