AP Updates “Iran media clampdown meets Internet”
June 17th, 2009

A round-up story today today from Associated Press describes the unfolding unprecedented role of the online venue in the Iranian election protests:

CAIRO – Iran clamped down Tuesday on independent media in an attempt to control images of election protests, but pictures and videos leaked out anyway — showing how difficult it is to shut off the flow of information in the Internet age.

The restrictions imposed by the government made such social-networking sites as Twitter and Flickr more prominent — with even the U.S. State Department calling on Twitter to put off a scheduled shutdown for maintenance.

Iranians were posting items online, but it wasn’t known how much of that information was being seen by others inside the country. And although some of the posts on Twitter appeared to be from users in Tehran, others clearly were not. . . .

UPDATE: The Drudge Report just linked to the AP story reported on this post. This is the image Drudge is using with the link:

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