Candidates smarted from the public mob
June 26th, 2009

The Personal Democracy Forum blog “techPresident” has a post today about an e-book coming out next month. The subject of the e-book is how the Presidential candidates tried to use the Internet. We learn that for each of the candidates there were times when an unruly public caused some difficulty:

Regardless of how well they actually used it, every presidential candidate from Mitt Romney to Mike Gravel had a presence of some kind online, though none built anything as comprehensive as Obama’s. But even the best campaigns — including his — were doomed to be overshadowed at times by the voices of an unruly public. Despite their best efforts, the audience kept stealing the spotlight from the actors.

For instance, every serious candidate suffered from some piece of unflattering content spread online from person to person: McCain sang “Bomb, Bomb Iran,” Edwards had his two-minute hair-brushing episode, Clinton was greeted with children and flowers while landing “under sniper fire,” and a comparison of Mitt Romney’s past and current statements on abortion rights made for a fascinating study in contrast. Barack Obama was certainly not immune, particularly since his background set him up for persistent attempts to identify him as “other.”

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