Personal Democracy Forum announces PdF Europe, hits sweet spot
June 30th, 2009

In Barcelona November 21-22, 2009, the first Personal Democracy Forum will convene outside the USA. It will be held, at the Torre Agbar, the striking tower shown in the image with this post. The Barcelona setting is in the calibre of salon that this week’s New York City PdF09 attendees are enjoying in the edgy 21st century opulence of the new Jazz at Lincoln Center complex. The assembled digital types, politicos that they are and mostly incumbents, seem very much home in the handsome halls.

This morning I am returning for the second day of NYC PdF09. The event has hit a sweet spot in political timing — and is fabulous. I will post some more about its smartmobby aspects later.

For now, here are some things that define this sweet spot in the ongoings of political operatives:
Many key players from the winning Obama campaign are present, and telling us why they think they did so well. Lots of government digital types are chewing on how to be better at Web stuff and be more transparent. Sunshine pols are networking and speaking up — again the hot word is “transparency” (ok, sounds good). Republican operative brass are talking about the future with open ears and knowing smiles. One bummer: Mayor Bloomberg showed up only by Skype, missing the sweet spot mark by being too busy to come Uptown.

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