Mobile-based Post-Literacy Programme UNESCO
July 25th, 2009

Via July 13, 2009

Brief Proposal Mobile Literacy UNESCO

Dear all,

Let me inform you about our literacy programme with mobile phones.

We are implementing this programme with Bunyad and Mobilink (Mobile carrier).

The idea is simple. By sending many interesting SMS in Urdu to learners everyday, we try to keep up/enhance their literacy.

Though it took time since its initiation, it is now under full operation and we hear that learners are really having fun to read and write messages.

Due to limited capacity of the provided mobile phone ($28) and SMS, longer messages in Urdu can not be sent yet.

However, I am sure that learners will have inexpensive smart phones with gmail/hotmail/yahoo in due course (5 – 10 years time).

Then, we will be able to share more interesting texts, info, documents, and stories in Urdu inexpensively and interactions among them will be unstoppable.

Though there are pros and cons in this approach, I am hoping it becomes the de-fact standard to eradicate illiteracy.

Your comments and advice would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


UNESCO Islamabad
Contact: Ichiro Miyazawa, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Islamabad (

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