Proud to report Mayo is going mobile
July 27th, 2009

At his new blog ThreeDimensionalPeople, Stephen Johnston has posted about the Mayo Clinic going mobile. The usual foresightedness of Mayo makes me proud. I was born at the Mayo Clinic when my father was a resident in orthopaedic surgery there. It was so long ago that he knew the famous Dr. Will Mayo, who Dad said late in his own life was the greatest doctor he ever met. Undoubtedly the Doctors Mayo, as Dr. Will and his brother Dr. Charlie were known, would have been approving of the current mobile move by the clinic they built.

Stephen comments in part:

As I see it, mobile health will emerge as the result of a pincer movement, with customers getting increasingly engaged and familiar with living their life online with contextually smart mobile applications becoming ever more important, combined with irresistible pressure from healthcare providers and goverments to find efficiencies in the system that do not kill people. This is probably best done by shifting some people away from the expense and long waits of the doctor’s office and towards more “lightweight” solutions – nurses rather than doctors and automatic, algorithmic based assessments that cheaply extend medical cover to more people and shift our system to a proactive, preventative approach.

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