August 20th, 2009

I’m ruminating here and on my City Brights blog about issues related to 21st Century literacies. I’m putting together videos, widgets, blogs, a website to pull it all together, and eventually a book. I started looking for domain names, and of course everything remotely connected to literacy, new literacies, media literacies, etc., has been taken. So I had to come up with a word. I now own the domains, .org, and .net. Googling the word reveals a pretty abstruse looking mathematical statement. If you know of any other prior uses of the word, please leave a comment here. I’m thinking of a combination of ways of thinking and digital tools such as intelligence dashboards, news radars, and info-filters. A combination of attention, information, and intention. Applied infotention. Trained and untrained infotention. And especially mindful infotention. Of course, the first thing a new word deserves is a blog post to establish digital provenance and start the meme rippling. So here it is.

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