Adult-driven growth in social networks
August 28th, 2009

Above is the title of a new post by Teemu Arina, whose originality of insight has opened several doors for me. Since Teemu is over forty years younger than I am, I particularly appreciate his thoughts on early adopter age range. He says, in part:

What comes up over and over again in Q&A at some of my presentations is the net-gen dispute, the argument being that young people are more fluent with these social media tools due to their somewhat special relationship with technology. As a net-gen insider, I think the whole net-gen conversation regarding age as a demographic is misplaced. The question is about people who have grown up familiar with technology and those who have not.

I know a lot of retired people who are more fluent with social technologies than many of the so called net-generation. The greatest skeptics regarding the benefits of social media are among the so called “net-gen”. How’s that for an anti-thesis?

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