Tweet report of passionate PhD defense on blogging practices
August 28th, 2009

On June 22 at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands doctor Lilia Efimova defended her thesis on blogging practices of knowledge workers. For her dissertation Lilia studied early adopters of weblogs to provide insights relevant to introducing blogging in knowledge-intensive environments.

Efimova’s findings suggest that ‘while in some cases weblogs are used to perform one’s core tasks, the open-ended and public nature of blogging makes it more valuable for enabling work indirectly through supporting sense-making conversations, developing ideas over time and being able to tap into one’s network when needed’.

Efimova, L. (2009). Passion at work: blogging practices of knowledge workers. Enschede, Netherlands: Novay.

A pdf of this dissertation is online at Efimova’s weblog Mathemagenic. (summary)

In a special blogpost Lilia looks back at her PhD defense, adding tweets of two attendants as a ‘real-time transcript’ of this special academic event.

Doctor Efimova concludes her blogpost stating: “While the recording of the defense wasn’t allowed, they didn’t say anything about twittering…..

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