Enthnography: – Jan Chipchase – The Rise of the Super Fakes
September 2nd, 2009

Undoubtedly, the greatest enabler of “SmartMobs” are the mobile technologies and services people adopt and use.  Jan Chipchase is an ethnographer with Nokia Design who actively examines these enablers and reflects upon the intersections between  people, society and mobile technologies / services.  I believe that Jan has a lot to share with the SmartMobs community, and I highlight the following article from his journal,  Future Perfect, to give you some food-for-thought.

Jan Chipchase continues his incredible ethnographic research uncovering the realities of mobile technology usage throughout the planet. Jan’s most recent article, “The Rise of the Super Fakes,” is very illuminating; he starts off his inquiry with the following question:

“What happens when a large % of your target market wants your brand cachet but is happy with a decent-enough quality fake?”

SOURCE: Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect

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