Emerging mobile application stores ecosystem
September 15th, 2009

My experience in knowing Ajit Jaokar is that 1) he is one of the most passionate and perceptive advocates of smartmobby mobile matters out there, and 2) he is usually beyond the cutting edge on new ideas in the field. He is heading up a conference on a topic that is only months old, about Mobile Application Stores, in October in San Diego:

The Mobile Application Stores conference will focus on the tremendous opportunities in the mobile apps stores ecosystem. The event is designed to give a complete understanding of how to capitalize on this exploding market.

Following the success of Apple, who saw its one billionth download in just nine months, other vendors like Google, Nokia, Microsoft, RIM, and Palm have launched application stores. Operators like Vodafone have followed the trend and many other operators and vendors are expected to follow suit.

We will discuss strategy and deployment in application stores such as Apple (iPhone), Google (Android), RIM (Blackberry), Nokia (Ovi), Palm Pre and Microsoft as well as other emerging application stores.

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