HandheldLearning 2009 free Free Festival first day
September 18th, 2009

Now in its fifth Year, the HandheldLearning conference assembles the full spectrum of players in the field: Teachers, school governors, parents, employers, accompanied minors and anybody who is interested in the positive impact that mobile, always-on computing is having on the quality of learning and teaching experience.

The first day of the of the October 5-7, 2009 conference in London is now open to free registration that includes all of the day’s events and networking opportunities with the delegates.

A few years ago I was on a panel with Graham Brown-Martin who founded and heads the HandheldLearning conferences. He is a true believer in learning for every child which mobile can deliver. He has pushed forward to empower kids to learn with mobiles, against education establishment inertia and the need to clarify the mobile learning vision for all of us. Graham is leading a winning movement, as I am sure the Festival will reveal.

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