Videos generated by attendees of PICNIC09
September 25th, 2009

A special collection of videos of this weeks #PICNIC09 ( generated by the attendees and collected via twitter by dutch trendwatcher Vincent Everts. Enjoy! Here is his overview !! Also check Picnic09 on Vimeo, YouTube and

Tagged picnic presentations on Slideshare. Photostream of the Crossmediaweek and here is a snap of a Smartmobs encounter with Tomi T Ahonen, author of ‘Mobile as 7th Mass Media’

My personal account of this PICNIC is an experiment of ‘live reporting’ by combining the picnictweets via my gervis twitter account with filtered – and retweeted nuggets from #PICNIC09 (the official hashtag which was heavily spammed by the outside world) In the process I added to the tweets contextual information, referrals to blogged material, links to home pages of the speakers, pictures, keyquotes and videos. Captured all this in my scrapbook which amounted to 12 pages of notes, registered during the conference on the universal sharing tool Posterous !

In times of peril and uncertainty, it is the creative and innovative minds that emerge as the leaders of change. PICNIC ’09 covered major and minor challenges that lie ahead, from a critical but optimistic point of view. What are the great breakthroughs that will change our lives in the coming decade? How will they heal our economy, our environment and make our lives more livable? What are the alternative scenarios for our future? PICNIC ’09 reviewed our world, economy, society and daily lives. This year’s PICNIC was not your ordinary PICNIC!

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