Hugh Jackman stops Broadway Show for phone ringing
September 29th, 2009

We have all wanted to do it — and Hugh Jackman did:


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Theatergoers won’t forget to turn their cell phones off again, after Australian actor Hugh Jackman stopped a Broadway show to ask one audience member to stop a phone from ringing.
“You want to get that?” Jackman said in character, after the ringing interrupted a tense moment in a preview performance of “A Steady Rain” last week. The show officially opens on Tuesday with Daniel Craig starring opposite Jackman.
“Grab your phone, it doesn’t matter,” said Jackman as the ringing continues.
“Come on, just turn it off … we can wait. Just get the phone,” Jackman continues to applause from the audience. . .

As mobile phones become ubiquitous, they are creating their own rules of manners. Methods vary for squelching phone use. Kids in schools get their phones confiscated. Laws are being passed to stop drivers from using phones. But social pressure is proving to be the power deterrent. As Reuters observes, it seems certain that no one who was in Jackman’s audience the night he called out the guy whose phone rang will ever forget to silence his or her own mobile when a stage performance begins.

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