Road trip details then and now
October 18th, 2009

When my Mother (1910-1984) was a little girl, her father was a big family road trips guy. Around 1920 he began outfitting his Dodge automobile for cross country trips with his wife and two little girls and departing from El Paso, Texas where they lived on long sightseeing trips. Today he would be just the right talent for the Google trike.

Mother told me that to find their way across the United States, her father carried the “Red Book” that gave directions. There were no interstates, few paved roads, and almost no road signs. The Red Book contained instructions, as I recall Mother’s descriptions, along these lines: travel 2.3 miles on the road next to a cornfield; when you come to a red silo turn left and follow the road 4 miles to the gray farm house with the red roof; turn right and go . . . .

The Google trike seems to be capturing Street Views of what the Red Book gave in printed form a century ago. The Google Blog has more details.

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