Shel Israel SM Global Report interview with Howard Rheingold, Part Two
October 26th, 2009

Shel Israel has published part 2 of his interview with me, “Where we’re going:”

Students are accustomed to having knowledge delivered to them. But in an era where knowledge, media, and professions change so rapidly, storing knowledge is not adequate. Students need to learn how to learn, learn how to evaluate new media as they come along, learn how to evaluate the way they deploy their own attention in an always-on world.

They need to learn how to collaborate, how to find knowledge and how to determine whether what they have found is credible. A whole set of meta-skills are required by the times — and traditional university education doesn’t necessarily introduce those meta-skills. That’s why I’m teaching, and that’s why I am excited — and when I do it right, why my students are excited — by the opportunities afforded by technology.

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