Texting could stretch teen language skills
October 30th, 2009

Here is some flavor from a U.S. New story about teen texting. It may surprise you:

Forward-thinking teachers say the informal writing style that defines text messages can be incorporated into class lessons. And a new study from California State University researchers has found that texting can improve teens’ writing in informal essays and many other writing assignments.

Teachers such as Cindi Rigsbee of Orange County, N.C., have asked students to translate passages from classic literature to texting-speak to demonstrate language comprehension in different contexts. A finding from the CSU study supports that concept: “Texting-speak is not a mangled form of English that is degrading proper language but instead a kind of ‘pidgin’ language all its own that actually stretches teens’ language skills.” The research does concede that too much texting can hurt students’ performance on most formal types of essay writing.

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