UK Digital Economy Bill – Moore to think about
November 23rd, 2009

The UK government recently unveiled the Digital Economy Bill, which has prompted Alan Moore to engage in a retrospective regarding 20th Century [old school] politicians, ethics, culture, commerce and copyright law.  Moore’s thoughts inspire reflection on how networked [digital] economics is fundamentally different to the “straight lines of a mass media culture” and analogue business models.   I encourage you to read the following: Mandleson, ethics, culture, commerce and copyright law | SMLXL – Engagement Marketing and Communication principles from Alan Moore and participate in the ensuing debate.

“And why is this becoming such an important debate? Because, the motivation is ideological – to retard the growing awareness among citizens that they can create a media system superior to the one that currently serves the needs of a handful of media corporations, argues Robert McChesney. In an age of information technology, control of our culture becomes a critical battleground. The arcane ins and outs of today’s copyright battles now mask a much deeper cultural struggle in which the stakes have grown unthinkably high.” – Alan Moore

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