The Mayflower Mob
November 25th, 2009

pilgrimhat1SmartMobs is about the networking of people that has been made possible by the new era of connectivity. In the spirit of the history of Thanksgiving, this post is a tip of the tall pilgrim hat to the mobbing of ancestries online.

An extensive, mature example of the networking of ancestries online is the material available on the descendants of the original Mayflower Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts in 1620. is a major website for the Mayflower early families and their descendants — who must by now number in the thousands. Governor Bradford kept his own accounting of the core network formed by the passengers on the first trip of the Mayflower to Plymouth. Bradford wrote 30 years later of an expanding Mayflower mob:

Of these 100 persons which came first over, in this first ship together; the greater halfe dyed in the generall mortality; and most of them in .2. or three monthes time. And for those which survied though some were ancient & past procreation; & others left ye place and cuntrie. yet of those few remaining are sprunge up above .160. persons; in this .30. years. And are now living in this presente year . 1650. beside many of their children which are dead and come not within this account.

The pages of, and many other websites, record in great detail the network of descendants from these earliest pilgrims. The first small mob who survived the winter of 1620-1621 celebrated the First Thanksgiving the following fall, along with the native Americans who helped them provide the harvest feast.

Happy Thanksgiving ye one and all.

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