Twitizen Journalism : how it’s done
November 29th, 2009

How can newspapers, books, and magazines thrive in the internet age? and understand the new medium? Darron Rowse refers to Jason Preston from Eat Sleep Publish (follow him at @jasonp107). Jason asks if Twitter can be a real news platform?

For centuries, “journalist,” “reporter,” and “newsman,” have been reasonably interchangeable. After all, a reporter often works for a newspaper or TV station, where they are employed to do journalism.

But recent trends in publishing and digital tools have required that we look at new definitions for these words. Being a journalist has started to mean being someone who ties stories together into a narrative, whatever the medium.

How do these differences apply to Twitter? Blogging journalist
Mónica Guzmán (moniguzman)taught a class to a roomful of journalists about how to use social media.

To prepare for the class (and give people a taste of what she was talking about) Mónica asked people on Twitter to share whatever tips they might have for journalists looking to break in to the social Web. Read the guiding principles that people on Twitter advise journalists to keep in mind as they tackle social media. And discover some role models in the social Web: Journalists to follow.

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